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The Brand

The Brand

Muddhouse the Brand 

Est 1993

When I started MuddHouse it was mainly because I was looking for an outlet to channel my creativity. What started as a small set up, designing mainly for friends and family, evolved to be a fashion house that was published in reputed magazines and touring the globe one exhibit at a time.

In 2004 my husband moved to Karachi and I followed, leaving MuddHouse in limbo, while I focused on my family. We were just entering the digital age, at that time, if only I could facetime my karigars, things would be a lot different today.

However, more than a decade later, MuddHouse is back, bringing back what I started with. 

MuddHouse caters to the modern woman, offering them practical, yet affordable fashion in all three of its lines.

  1. MuddHouse Pret
  2. MuddHouse Formals
  3. MuddHouse Bridals

We at MuddHouse create timeless pieces that reflect our culture and traditions. We believe in giving our clients modern heirlooms, which are passed on for generations.